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In The Line Of Duty 5 - Middle Man (1990)

In The Line Of Duty 5 (1990)

This one was very similar to the last story. The CIA's involved again, an innocent bystander's involved again (framed and wanted by two groups of people, both police and criminals... again) and this innocent bystander just so happens to be the main character's cousin this time around. These movies are all about relationships and the bonds they form, bonds of blood or friendship; which ones are stronger.

I figured out why I don't like Cynthia Khan as much as Michelle Yeoh btw. It's because she's careful, you can see it in her steps, how she slows down before a jump, or a stunt; doesn't seem to run as if her life depended it. The fights are still great, and the stunts are crazy, but it's the smallest details that make a difference.

Bruce Fontaine makes an appearance in this one, as well as Kim Penn (who I thought was in one of the previous movies, but it turns out that was Farlie Ruth Kordica - she had a short career, just two movies in 1989). Overall the fights are filmed in darker locations, and I don't like the atmosphere as much as in the previous ones, but it's a good movie.

Definitely worth a watch.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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