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'Inbetween' Or 'In Between'?

I've always typed these two words as one, and so I often get a red marker on these two words when spellcheck kicks in and tells me they shouldn't be. Sometimes I've honored the suggestion for correction, yet sometimes I've ignored it, feeling like it really should be one word after all.

So today I decided to look it up once and for all, and guess what: I'm alone in my wonders. There doesn't seem to be a single result for 'inbetween or in between' on Google, and the results for both the separate and combined terms show the same amount of results - with the compound version asking me if I didn't mean to search for 'in between or in between instead'?

Ouch. That settles it then. Though it still feels strange to separate the two words I guess I'll need to do start doing so from here on out. Inthefuture...


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