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Inception In Names

I've been thinking a bit about names lately, how in movies you remember the alias more than the name of the actors themselves.

I guess it's not so strange considering you hear their in-movie name all the time, and you need to know the actor to know who they are, but even when you do know who they are the movie name seems to come to mind so much easier. Just think about...

Batman? Bruce Wayne.

Superman? Clark Kent.

Terminator? Arnold Shwarz... wait a minute.

Well, some personas just don't have an official alias. In that latter example, The Terminator doesn't have an in-movie name, so you relate his name to the real-life counterpart.

Or maybe it's just because Arnold both looks and acts like the Terminator in both the movies and in real life. Sort of.

A better example for this post topic would be Tomb Raider, where Tomb Raider is the alias, and Lara Croft is the name, and yet in the movie she's portrayed by actress Angelina Jolie. When I think Tomb Raider, I think Lara Croft.

I remember having a chat with my brother about the movie, and though I was thinking of Angelina Jolie in regard to this particular franchise, I said Lara Croft. Granted, it was long past midnight and we were both weary wanderers riding home in the dark of night, but that recent memory had me thinking that there's a certain inception with names, similar to the theory on how - if you visit an arcade in Virtual Reality and play a game in that arcade, you have a hard time differentiating between playing the game and the arcade in which you are playing the game.

Three layers.

The more layers to your reality, the more embedded you'll become in this reality. Similarly, the longer the chain of aliases for a particular character, the more probable you start regarding only the tip of the chain, as the iceberg above the water. So for example...

Angelina Jolie? Lara Croft.

Lara Croft? Tomb Raider.

Who played Tomb Raider? Lara Croft.

The early names fade away. Inception in names.


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  1. S3C
    Friday May/6/2016

    When I think of Tomb Raider, I think of a late 90s action-platformer series that was ruined by horrible controls. One of the rare instances where the movies were actually better than the original game.

  2. Cyber
    Friday May/6/2016

    Inception in... circumstance? Yeah I think of that too, whilst thinking in less character-specific terms. Never did get into the old games much, or the new ones, yet. They seem promising though.

    Have you seen the movies though? The common consensus seemed to be they weren't that great, but I really disagree with the common consensus there. Wish they'd made waaay more than just a couple!

  3. S3C
    Saturday May/7/2016

    Yeah, I think the movies are underrated, especially the second one.

  4. Cyber
    Saturday May/7/2016

    Hell yeah. Tomb Raider fans unite!

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