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Incremental Accomplishment #1 - The Gym

I got a gym card!

Finally. It only took me three and a half weeks of the New Year, but it's here, and I had my first work-out there as well today.

Wasn't planning to, but the price info our local communal work-out establishment (in conjunction with an indoor pool and sauna - whoop whoop) had online was faulty, and so we were discussing price, and I wondered if they possibly offered any free trials, so I could see if the real price was worth it. They did. On-the-spot one-day trials, and so though I hadn't planned on trying the gym until tomorrow the cashier/receptionist/​what's-the-proper-title-these-days blipped me in and let me test their equipment right away.

No time limit. Though I had neither a change of clothes or any water with me, so I didn't stay too long. Fifteen minutes cardio, and maybe another fifteen minutes trying out the more muscle-related machines, and I am superpooped man. Muscles finna ache tomorrow. I biked home all wobbly. But I'm happy too, pleased that I finally made the move and started with a somewhat more proper work-out regime, and though I'm both energy zapped and shaky I feel... focused.

That post-workout sense of lightness, you know? When the body's doing what the body's meant to be do, and seems to reward you for at least on this rare occasion using it as it was meant to be used. Physically.

Turns out they didn't have a half-year subscription - the one I'd planned on getting - as I'll be up North and unable to make use of said subscription as much in summer, but the price was still very reasonable, and their opening hours stretched further than the ones listed on their site - 6:30 AM to 14 PM instead of the expected 9 to 14. And there's both shower and sauna available not just in the short 9-11 pre-pool-opening-hours span of time, but the full stretch! A full seven and a half hours of sauna and shower and gym in any which way you wish to combine them!

My fatigued muscle spasms are making it a bit difficult to write this right now, so I'll keep it short, but I'm happy. The people at the gym seemed like good people too, even if I only spoke to one of them, who was there for his first week also. And regardless of if we speak or no the company's motivation-fueling. Don't want to look weak in company. Want to be better than they are. Want to win. #JockoWillink.

Maybe I'll make some friends, too.

So there, the first step's been made. Now hopefully I'll keep this going.
Whenever I'm here and available for grueling lavishness-lamenting labor and self-masochistic (but also empowering and good) ardor.


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  1. biterr
    Friday Jan/27/2023

    CyberD vs Fro

  2. Cyber
    Friday Jan/27/2023

    Hell yeaaaah!

    <- but with a grin, cause beard, like Fro

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