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Indiana Jones 4 - Kingdom Of Crystal Skull (2008)

Indiana Jones 4 - Kingdom Of Crystal Skull (2008)

it´s pretty cool how this franchise runs parallel with our time. Progressing, but never to the present. Always a step behind. Events from the past, but always more present than the former.

The fourth Indiana Jones movie ties back to the first one perfectly! They're back at the warehouse again, back to fighting Nazis (I guess they were back to that in the third one too), and back on track with Marion - from which both second and third deviated. Indiana isn't Bond after all, there's room for more than the one, but in the end the one's the one, right?

I'm also really happy they introduced Shia LaBeouf in this one! He's a welcome sight. Great actor. Fits right in. Looks a lot like the early Indiana too, and I still feel like this movie had the most convincing set of villains, and a pretty damn awesome introduction with the warehouse robbery/nuclear test site. Also pretty cool how they manage to bring back the 1950s atmosphere even in this day and age! It can't have been quite as difficult forty years ago, in the 1980 (when the first movie was made)s.

One notable difference between this movie and the others is that here: the treasure in unknown. In the others they're always searching for something that has a definite link to history, but this time it's not so. It's all the more awesome, though in difference from the previous this one didn't win an Oscar! So... maybe people dislike the potential twist for fiction. Which would be odd, since interpretations of historic relics in the previous have never been without elements of the supernatural. One more difference between this and the previous: Communists instead of Nazis.

Of course, this will probably never become the same cult classic as the originals, but it's not bad. I'm surprised people don't see as much in this as I did. Harrison Ford may be growing old, but if this ends up being his final play as Indiana, it was an impressive finale! And the CGI was all but mediocre too.

What are you do disappointed with, people? How does this not stand on par or more with most of the entertainment being made today? I liked it; I am hoping and looking forward to a fifth! And so forth! In whatever form it takes; whatever main character it features

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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