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Industry Like Me (1:03)

I'm not content with my life really,
I just record my voice with this Mic so you can hear me
Respect me, or fear me, remember and tear me
To pieces when my sound seizes to breathe clearly

I don't suppose I've ever been that clear
Sounds come and go out my other ear
But in between that there's a lot of ground to gear
My machinery spits up lights up like a chandelier

With bolts, mutters, screws and nails
It might look twisted and used and pale
But I promise you when the fuse moves with the rails
The best of creativity in the sea set sail

There's no industry like me, there will be no other
I use 78 pseudonyms, I'm famous undercover
I've written lyrics for hundreds of artists, I can
Calmly say I've been a part in, this decades partition

Just turn on your radio and listen, that's me right there!
Let the sound waves flooow in and out through your ears
There truly is a lot of crap on the radio today
But just wait, until MY inspiration fades away


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