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Inferno (2016)

Inferno (2016)

When Robert Langdon wakes up in an Italian hospital with amnesia, he teams up with Dr. Sienna Brooks, and together they must race across Europe against the clock to foil a deadly global plot.

Overpopulation... that's the problem. The big one. And this movie the ever so relevant. They race against the clock to find clues that might lead them to the bomb, and it's not so much a trail of them as a puzzle - closely tied to the works of Dante and his old perception of hell that's still in use today.

The chase is both intense and enlightening, with plenty of twists along the way, and visions Langdon keeps getting due to his head injury... that in the end remain inexplicable. They build up a dark and sinister atmosphere surrounding the main characters, even when it's broad daylight, and both Tom Hanks and Felicity Jones are great as the main duo.

Ben Foster plays the philanthropist and villain - though in most of the movie his character is already dead, so all they can do is follow his trail of mementos and listen to his post-mortem speeches - all the while chased by shady agencies of which Ana Ularu, Irrfan Khan and Omar Sy are like the representative (all but holy) trinity.

It all reminded a bit of The Da Vinci Code... not just because it's got the same main actor. Directed by the same guy? It's... part of the same trilogy?! I need to catch up! This one was great, and considering what I've heard of the former those might be even better. I appreciate the authenticity of it all, and the plot twists in particular.

In the end it's a dark thriller with a highly relevant and relatable plot. Overpopulation... how do we solve it? Does it solve itself? Considering these books previous ties to religion I can't help but pull a parallel to Catholicism, which encourages family; IOW a lot of kids. And maybe most major religions do the same considering the spread they get. I know at least Islam does too. Only Buddhism, which doesn't, seems to be on a steady decline. It's how they spread their legacy after all.

I guess teaching doesn't spread by truth so much as by circumstance after all, even if all major current religions have ties to one another in some way. If reincarnation isn't a topic of one of these movies already it sure could be. That'd probably stir up some controversy (do research if you're curious).

Anyway, even if the ties to religious elements don't seem as prevalent as they could have been I did enjoy this movie. Since the others have always been heavy with not just religious references but matters of moral and religious obligation - not so much simply personal ones as here, I'm curious if the book took a different approach and this was toned down.

In closing, a few truthful/eyeopening/mediating quotes from the movie:

There have been five... major... extinctions... in the Earth's history... and unless we take bold, immediate action... the sixth extinction... will be our own.

It took the Earth's population 100,000 years to reach a billion people. And then just 100 more to reach two billion.

The greatest sins in human history have been committed in the name of love.

It's almost as if a time's coming for: Hell on Earth. Though the movie itself didn't weigh as heavily as the previous, the topic was definitely the most relevant one yet. It makes you think... even if you'd rather not.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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