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Inktober #0.5 - Mic Check Too

Mic, check, one two one two...
What did you fools in the ICU, do to get where you've gotten, in the 212?
I ask the mic, check, one two one two...

If it don't then I check, one two one two...
Where did you fools in the ICU, disappear to? You know ICQ?
It came before Skype or Zoom. One and two won too.

Mic, check, me out in the mirror!
As I stand and deliver! All this grand like a wizard!
You can't stand me for shits, but maybe for shits and giggles?
Kind of random but wiggle room's never narrow it's bigger!

So I say mic, check, one two one two...
What do I check? Why and where and who? And why I'm hairy dude?
Cause I got Viking genes! I'll fight you teens if you
Come at me like just a light machine

I can topple. Well alright, mic check set,
Get ready to rock y'all.


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