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Inktober #1 - Back

But no time to relax
I'm trying to hold back
No time to unpack
Work tomorrow -
And the timing's all whack!
I've carried my flags!
I'm buried in bags!
In berries and salad
I'm very Galahad!
Knight fall though -
My mind is on crack!

But I'll be UP before you know it!
This fall plans are ongoing,
Always and all in motion,
No stalling or walled enclosings!
Busy times by choosing.
Crops are no longer growing,
Still time to do some fishin' though -
Picking plowing and sowing!

Always looking to reason,
Plotting for next season,
Finding ways to be UP!
Where I feel and sleep easy!
I'm at peace believe me!
Off grid without teevee!
Civilization's a SCAB:
Why do we pick it and get it BACK?!

But I do like NG see!
And you peeps and music!
Inktober's rolling as usual
I'm hoping this here will prove it
I'm back but going stupid
Tired and loosely screwy
But I'll see you in a few
Gotta do some dues
And watch a movie

Woo-wee... I'm kinda warming up.



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