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Inktober #1 - Back (1:03)

I'm back!

Albeit with no real warming up this year! No time to prepare or drink beer (not that I usually do)!

Is this fair? Is this the first one fairly shit here? It maybe isn't and... it maybe is yeah! But I will still be going daily, though you may notice a certain diff tier. If time allotances don't always persist: the beats and kicks, and riffs, may misfare. And low-key lowly vocals kill snares.

But know this: whatever diff you notice the flow is still hopefully dope/sick and lyrics real! And if I rapped these descripts you'd see these too are deep and true, and truly a gift from a rich lair, known as my mind... which I know to be mine, though sometimes it feels like The Ritz here, and I'm just a tourist lounging by a rooted Parlor palm and a fountain, wondering what mountains to climb or what I could amount to in time if I ran 'stead of sitting and sounding....

I'm just warming up y'all! Giving thoughts and all a good grounding. Here's one round in. Cyber's back in town to get those frowns renouncing, smiles resounding, downs rebounding, surrounding grounds pronouncing's dowsing!

Starting simple, back on track and all... here's hoping it ends loud and astounding.

Lyrics here.


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