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Inktober #12 - Keep Trying

You want to keep trying don't you?
Just keep on goin' my friend don't let 'em provoke you.
They'll keep on playing their mindgames and their old jokes.
Make you feel mentally like you're in a chokehold.

But you can't let 'em get to you or control you.
I see the soul in you shining with a cold blue.
Diamonds, you gotta polish them they are so crude!
Life can be beautiful if you go on stroll through.

In the beginning it's lined with blood and victims,
And government and prison - all types of cagey buildings,
But if you keep on going you'll get to the point it's thinning,
See the green fields that stretch on with the living-

It's the beginning. It's where you're going my friend.
It's when you're winning. It's why the show must not end.
If you stop can't anything get you going again!
Take it slow but steady you got it going' already!

Keep on trying! Leap and fly in!
Sky is open. No more hiding.
See the hope rise. With each sunrise.
They try to box you in. Raise your thumbs high.

'Thumbs up' instead of 'raise your cup'
Run away from confrontation, leave it to other schmucks
Encircle yourself with people you can rely on
And keep going, and if you fail? TRY ON.

You didn't fail if you try on!

Keep trying.


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