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Inktober #13 - Hesitation Nation


Here we go again! Feeling like an alien!
Show must go it cannot end! Cannot be betraying them!
Mind is in control again! Spitting out a ray of sense!
Arranging my code again! Put 'em in arrays again!

I don't strafe for nothing. Will not move or budge an inch.
If you bludgeon me I may put up a shield.
I'd rather run away than fight you cause I'm proud to live.
No use in using violence. Who am I trying to kid?

Who am I trying to kid?

If you go at me with a gat then I will rap like MGK
Put you in a body bag or better yet a plate: Susie Filet.
Soup for days! Stuff a suited you in a suitycase!
Chew your face! I'm a devil when I get into that vein!

I don't strafe for nothing. The Cyberdemon in this game.
I won't case your pudding. I will throw it in your face.
Won't erase your passcode. I will hack you till your brains.
Spray out on the asphalt. Did I go too far with my rage?

Who am I trying to raise. From the dead.
When all of you are placing your bets. Forget it.
I'm not the Grinch I'm the bringer of the dreaded.
Death is on my friendlist - don't be too offended.

Who am I trying to kid! Aah!

But here we go again! Open up the flow again!
Throw my heart and soul again! Into a black hole again!
I found the road again! Rowing in my boat again!
I just learned to float again! Kennin-ji the oldest Zen!

Say I don't pray for nothing. But I feel I have closed my mind.
Pray that I can find the key and maybe open it in time.
Won't say I'll choose religion. Over logic/common sense.
But I do feel like my spirit needs to fly out of its pen.

I'm still a child a kid... uh.


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