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Inktober #13 - Red 13

Yeah! Red 13! Quick remix.

Next rhyme! Say what, Paragon X9?
Haven't ever written a rhyme for this monster
If you performed I'd bounce at your concert!
Such a legend on the grounds! So awesome!

Just want to say thanks and keep rocking!
So many favorites banked by this boss!
Back in the day I didn't know what any of this was!
Techno, heck no? What what whaaat?

But then I listened in, what a transitioning!
No admission needed and I flipped the reading,
So enrichening and you don't need a meaning
Just that energy! Couldn't believe it!

Searched for a thirteenth beat and I see it!
And the license terms they allow it?!
Got hyped, but I better get grounded!
Have a great day y'all and keep pounding.

Though no way I can keep this going for eight minutes!
Go play the real thing till it's all the way finished.

Red 13.


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