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Inktober #14 - Space Walk

AKA A Game Of, Keep Trying 2, Try Harder, Play, Game On...

Cyberdevil. Nabella. Yeah!

If life's a game! Than I can change it.
I can make my way away! And re-arrange bits.
Cheat my way through this music. Yes I can do it do it.
Just have to play. Just have to play...

I have half a brain! So I'm not all stupid!
It ain't quite the same since I no longer am the new kid!
People know what day it is, and they know I ain't one to fool with.
Though I forget the days a bit when I'm out here drinking coolant.

Hey Nabella! You want go spacey and interstellar?
Take a trip to Mars till our skeletons are like jello? Huh? Huh?
I want to see the stars but I wouldn't dare blast off cause I lack lots
Of factoids! I do have balls but you need more than balls for that odd-essey.

Been at odds with society! My whole life I only wanted to be free.
I zonked on P.E. I wasn't much for moving. Only in my head a whole storm was brewing.
Blew winds out of my mouth when it opened! Silent kid but you wouldn't really know him
If you hear me when I'm out here flowing holding on to something New. Grounds... move round.


If life's a game! Then I can change it.
I can make my way away! And re-arrange bits.
Cheat my way through this truant! Be I the hugest doofus.
Just have to play. Just have to play...

I never lacked a saying! I could write all day like I'm a two-bit putrid comp.
Stomp the world with my wants. AI's taking over though. Front.
Backdrop though uh! That'd be me. I'm happy when I be here batting to emcee.
With track or with beat I be maccing in my sleep got a knack for this see.

Cyberdevil! That would be me! Huh. Yeah...


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