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Inktober #14 - The Daily Dose

AKA Applecrumb Dreamstate, Applecrumb Deepstate, The Retreat, Constant Vehicular Motion, See Vitamin, Pillpop, The Redpill, Bubble Life, The Dose, What's Poppin', Dose Off, 3000 mg...

It's Father-of-Death again... on the beats. Me I'm just stepping in, this is my... retreat...

I'm entering a dreamstate. Say what? Lately I don't feel great.
Something goin' on inside me like the deep state.
I'm nodding on and off again, it keeps me awake.
Constant vehicular motion and I stay potent. Common wheelbase.

What's up with this machine? I used to be so muscular, combustible and lean!
Lately I'm feeling weak at the knees when I run a marathon.
Half is wrong man I want the whole won! Battle on!


I found a pill I'm poppin'! Guess it's the only option!
You want to keep on rocking? And not become a zombie?
Tired of applecrumb pie wearing Abercrombie ties,
Dust broke, but I must go with a disguise.

And so I'm bubblin' life! Put on a buddy smile!
Get in your bunny suit, hop into my VW bubble ride!
Just like the Barbie Girl song it's no-trouble life!
It's only a double life! But it's not double right?

Nah it's wrong... the American dream we're living on...
On the screams of the poor, throwing bombs at the floor.
Throw our bills in the sky, live for the thrill am I right?

There's a truth in the token. Of appreciation that keeps you going.
That nothing's fair in this world, and if you stare at the birds,
They will clear out and purge, leave you weary and malnourished.

The pill that I spoke of. C-vitamin. 3000 milligram dose of.
It gets you up to make the most of, the night.
I'm a just record this, then I'll doze off.



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