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Inktober #15 - Halfways

Throw in the towel? No I don't like the vowel in that.
I'm powered on, but you know you can go out in a Flash
If lightning strikes! In this case... well I guess that'd be the 'rona!
But I'm halfway through the journey now, I'm almost on my home run!
You don't want, the Cyberdevil to go flaunt.
Been dabbling in design a bit I even wrote my own font.
My code's strong. My moral code. Programming's a no want,
I don't front, but front-end design is all I go on!
I'm over counting titles now. I'm counting numbers!
I'm coming for the title now. Still with the thunder!
I'm studying my idols now. They got the power!
I'm hungry and not on a diet now. Time to devour!
Shower you all loyal followers in the blood of my foes,
The door to hiphop is all but closed.
I'm wanderin' through wondrous halls all filled with ghosts,
Writing prose as I coast through the foyers of old...
I don't want lawyers I'm sold on the simple life.
Do it all my way! Solo is my IA! No AI on my drive
So no Cybertruck in my driveway!
Just in my Google search. Suitable human urge.
Plus it goes with my name, Cyber is in the game again!
I know it's been a lot of verses no refrains,
I am short on time so just want to spit as much as I can,
And my vocal chords are strained, I'm running out of ink,
But you can't see through my windows with all this tint!
I think I am on the brink of either greatness,
or going crazy. I'm growing maybe. Since the late eighties.
That was so amazing a time. Just like it feels to hit this

Halfway point, blazing a rhyme.


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