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Inktober #19 - Entering Abandoned Houses

Aw yeah! Here we go! Home alone! Overtone! Get a bone! Like a dog! Overgrown! Mhm! stevetherapper, Cyberdevil, in the zone...


Entering abandoned houses... of chubby hubbies and their spouses...
One maybe cheated on the plumber once, and the wife ran out and bought a hundred guns
Came back, but the hubbie had packed his bags, and clad in rabbit slippers and a raggy scraggle
Ran away leaving little letter packs from Scrabble, but the wife ran after, like a game of tag
With like a hundred Macs shooting blowback mags! 45 ACP or 9x19 parabellum!
Don't cheat on your wife, it isn't nice, go tell 'em! They had a life and a Tesla, but now I regress huh?
Hubbie Mike he done messed up! Now he flies without rest, should maybe buy him a vest, his former wifey's obsessed!
With maybe slicing his head off or throwing a knife through his chest! She runs still with a scepter, or a scythe or bayonet!
Or a mace and bow and arrow! Lance or antitank things! Anthrax holding banks! Bolas boomerangs or Glamdring!
Flamethrowers reeling fear - the heat is in the air! A sword or a quarterstaff, or a sling or a spear!
She's ALL in with all of that! Grapeshot or tomahawk! Panzerfaust harquebus! Schwarzlose a popping off!
She varies the weapon! On light feet she be stepping! If you see her a running you better hide and beget but if...

You're entering abandoned houses... of chubby hubbies and their spouses...
Where one cheated on the plumber once, and the wife ran out and bought a hundred guns
You maybe should make sure it really is abandoned, the demons that dwell there they be worse than in The Sandman,
And if the wife is still home, then she might just go ham, think that you're her old man, might get out of control and...

Heads get to rooolling...


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