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Inktober #21 - Cold Day In Hell

Cyberdevil... RAMUSH... it's ambush time yeah... just a little something I wrote today...

It's a cold day in hell...
But I'm going for real. Over the rails.
Wanna be on another level. Not just coating my nails,
I'll be cold in myself.

They say I'm on fire lately,
Might end up like coal just as well.
Or gold just as well? Or diamonds?
Put enough pressure on me, I'll keep climbing.

Like whatever that video was
With that guy who put lipstick on.
First his lips, then his whole face?
Lip stick man you can hear it in the name!

But to be an artist you need to drift away!
Don't stick with what's conventional, just what's great!
Yeah, just wait...

I want to be on another lane.
People say we got right-side traffic.
But they're all driving the wrong way.
And they say that I am batshit?

Crazy insane! Nah I'm the only one here,
Who sees so hazy I see clear!
Go to sleep and I live my dream!
Wake up and it's still a nightmare!


Get that kick and I'll live on!
Each dawn up with a grin and a big yawn!
No time to spend in my bedroom!
Deadroom. Better get into my living one!

Chutney dude is the realist clown!
That I've ever seen! Want to be like that!
I could've been on that verse but HOTSTUFF had
Other plans. What's up brother man?

I'm still waiting on that verse you called me,
And ninjamuffin99 is waiting on mine,
Barely have time to get up in the morning,
Office job got me working 5-9,

But life's awesome and I'll keep performing!
Every day like I do here online,
At least till Inktober's over, need closure,
But I don't want to ever fall behind.

On anything. My biggest fear. Is leaving nothing. When I'm gone.
So carry on. Make something better. Something to remember.
Something to change things. Forever, and ever. Something to show.
That I'm not a pawn. I'm not a demon. I'm a devil.

And It's a cold day in hell y'all.

Have a good one.


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