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Inktober #21 - Presence (2:05)

@larrynachos on them dope beats - even ten years back in time! Cheers to that distant ten, good peer and friend, I'm here to cook some rhyme. Never with cold feet. If occasion calls for it I'll go with no sleep - though that might prolong a cold - and I'm kind of old - and feeling so beat.

I mean I'm feeling this soulful beat. More like raw and melodical and kosher beat. Something folks can eat. Dope/elite like jump ropes/trampolines. Tandem tries. Standing duos. New ovations seeping through holmes? I don't know what I'm saying today - let's rain away - go up in blue smoke.

Thanks for the banger @larrynachos! And tomorrow? See you folks.

JSYK if the track be heard there's much more meaning in that than blurb. ;)


Lyrics here.


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