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Inktober #21 - Words

I feel I'm running out of time...
There is never enough time for the cleverest rhyme but I
Will put my heart in every line...
If you don't feel the beat, you got the heart of a LYING.
I wish to redefine.
The world in the WORLD, not just the world in my mind.
It all starts with a word. What kind of word can defy
The makers of these words that make up our life
And the cultural norms, that form how we see,
The words as they're MADE, not how they all mean
As intended when they were in the age of the FREE

If I may have a word, where the maker is ME -
Maybe I can start to try, to restart the skies
That they make us see, as the stark confines,
Of our made up leige, beneath these lines
Like the skies are steal, but not straight up sheets
Something's crooked, something's cooking -
In the bakery.

Words though.
Though they inherit intention and hurt so.
Though we learn slow - get stuck in our stoves and burn coal.
It's almost like they make... us free.


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