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Inktober #22.5 - Glasses Break

My glasses broke today... I almost panicked
I hate wearing these things, I can't stand it
Yet I'm so reliant now even while sitting here
By the computer, shit like this makes me despair

They're thin ones. With no frame, just glass and temples
In pliable metal, I've had 'em forever
Suddenly today one temple just... breaks in half!
And that is that, seems I'll have to lash out some cash.

I taped it up though. It works but it looks wonky.
Complemented it with a thin plastic tube I could put on.
Connect both sides where the metal had done gone wrong
The break was close to the glass though, so it... can't be that long

And now I'm wearing crooked glasses, still I'm seeing alright
Tomorrow morning I'll have to take these out for a drive
It'd be kinda catastrophic if they somehow unlatch while the way is high
On the highway... cause without these on I can't see signs

But I guess it'd be alright, I can still see the road
I can still slow down and not crash into other folks
And I can still keep on reading and using computers as normal
But I NEED to order new ones... to wield when I need formal, presentable

Glasses... and I do know it's a scam man,
That's where the cash is. I won't spend it all but...
No choice.


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