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Inktober #22 - Bioloom

AKA Biolumen, Bioplume, Biolume, Oceans...

Quarl! Cyberdevil too.

Sea. Me. Flow. Ting. Neath. The. Qi. Wee. Trees...

Sleeping. Peace. Fully. Don't. Tell me. I need to...

Wake up... wake up... wake up! Wake up... wake up! Wake up...


Trudging on! Looking back at the rubble.
The bubblewrap popping and the struggle back yonder.
New moon's going to be huge soon I wonder if we're too cool,
How can we do much new stuff?

Wonder why! I don't see the shade just a buzzing light!
Shining bright in my rear view mirror.
I fear I'm bitter but I'll clear that maybe with the clearest liquor,
Or this here residue.

Keep going! It's not for the weak no.
I sleep no nights! I don't need no cheatcode!
I see this light, and I feel we glow!
A behemoth vibrant creamy gold!

I'm in my right mind! You can tell by my rhyme!
Thought I was growing old but I find I'm in my prime still!
Never wilt, and I'll never die either.
I bleed life, people call me the light seeker.


Light me on fire and I'll go!
Can't stop me till I either explode!
Or implode! And take with me my soul!
See no evil though feel no cold!

Light me up on fire I'll shine!
Feel my heartbeat and read my mind!
I don't want no trouble I'm fine!
I'm not grieving I'm not crying!


Trudging on! Leaving everything behind me!
Don't see where I'll peak but I guess I'll keep climbing!
Whole mountain is enclosed in a fine mist!
How far can I go? Who knows, keep rhyming.

Oceans swept us through a billion years of using,
To the point we're living at, truly evolution,
Miracles of life and in skies these cloudscapes,
Sit on them a while, swim around in a sky lake.

Keep going! Even if it gets crazy.
You cannot reduce me. You cannot erase me.
Keep fighting! Cause it truly is amazing.
I bash humanity, but I really do have faith in.

All these dudes growing up all around me,
Somewhere out there someone is gonna find it,
The one thing that maybe calms and unites us,
When I went in school was that dude sitting on my bus?



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