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Inktober #22 - This Is Stupid (1:29)

Back on a beat by @Father-of-Death like we never left! All that's left is.. some cooling grooves and stupid musings to mess with. Revel reckless in halls with wrecking balls that sparkle like Tesla coils. Energetically level Meccano sets with extra gall. I'm going all in... or as all as a cold permits. Throw in some quips. Quick witticism, mint or bricks.

I'm into this. Just going stupid every once in an Inktober dip. The shoe just fits. Like looking at a train from the wrong angle - the view just hits. I'm over this. Like a hoverboard. Floating. Verbal improv hopeless but dope on script. Sometimes. I overwrit.

This is stupid...

Lyrics here.


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