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Inktober #23.5 - No Sentimentality No Hate

Look now, I'm an open book now,
I keep going all day and all night to cook sound,
I'm my own hero! I don't care if there are crooks round
Cause you can't get me out of this tale, you could chow.

On my foood. Wait a minute I am goood.
If inspiration goes then I just get right in a moood.
For random things. For cows and crooks, for absurd words,
Like RHCP writes with one on each serve-ing!

Rick Ruben talked about it on Joe Rogan...
And on the TV they're playing tennis on the Open...
And Red Bull's founder he just kind of croaked...
I wonder why... too many Red Bulls? Sorry emote...

Not like I cherish his death, that he perished is sad,
I wish we all were immortal, at least my mom and my dad,
At least friends and idols and icons of the world,
Who do good... the good die young, the bad they...

Keep doing NO good.


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