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Inktober #23 - No Reality No Fate

Ey, this is cool, this is... just what I need right now... calm down and get to speed right now... painkiller is sound, umbilical bound, unlimited, limitless lounge...

In a hotel foyer, usually I feel misplaced like a lawyer in an alleyway,
Starring down the barrel or a bottle or whatever, never won the lotto but my motto is to rebel,
Be cooler than an airoplane, free like the wind, let your hair reign, like a cheetah in a minute
Live its own life, flow like an anaconda, tomorrow you'll be broke with no magic wand so

Live now, one day you're Wakanda and the next, you take off in an old-fashioned jet
The road's full of potholes and potheads but watch your step! Might run into one on meth!
Life's a jungle, see the green bramble, tumble under, down under you cannot fathom,
Fumble if you want to, it will make you strong too, you can mow lawns too -

To get buff! Or lift cars and stuff. A little VW Polo or a bus!
I must overstate that in the world I distrust, but the forests... I do love them! So... green and lush!
A touch of mother nature is uncouth you toothbrush.
Go! Do your thing! No reality. No fate.


I can keep going till it grows late, like in Speed like a bus with no breaks,
Like you lift, if you're something like Arnold in his prime,
Or a farmer on a farm when it's sun and summer time

Office jobs, who thought they were a smart move?
Werewolf risk sitting in a dark room
Or a woof, when listening to DMX, feel depressed?
Put that guy on blast you will see so red you wonder if you busted some central artery on your neck
Vexed, unfortunately he's no longer left (rest)...


No reality no fate!
I walk around at my own pace
Don't waste time but I've no haste
I know I will only grow eh

If I keep on
Jumping on the sofa till I lose enough calories
Balancing on metal beams and loosen up reality
Nothing's gonna keep me down! While I tally bodies

Stack 'em like an anti-body
What's your take on that astrology?


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