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Inktober #24.5 - The Freestye Was Not Meant To Be

I thought about doing a freestyle for today... but didn't.
Probably a good idea. The ones I'd done could use some euphemism.
The usual is it? Just write until my shoes are kicking.
Get through it stupid quick and maybe some new groove will stick in.

Been holed inside too long I feel it's growing on my body.
I'm in the usual stomp, I just want to get blues all off me.
Stamp my feet all down, trample till I bleed the ground,
Cramped up in my soul sometimes, maybe I'll let go my mind.

Viscous like a viscount eh? Visceral with discounts.
You listen if you want to listen don't think you're to this bound!
I'll go on regardless, I will merk this, I will harvest.
Make some mixtapes with what's surfaced in my digging season's armistice.

Not fighting with myself no mo' I just beat sense into me.
I beat off? Who's beat huh? The beats I get renew me.
Truly doing things these days I have resistance but I've stupered.
I'm moving through the hugest and the currents have no movement.



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