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Inktober #24 - Hours

Today is...

A short one! Cause I gotta run, I'll get more done -
Tomorrow. Just got off work with a sore bum.
Been sitting all day on a chair like I can't afford one that's
Comfortable! What ELSE in my life devours funds?

Fun times up in Ă–stersund - save for the cold!
Bummed a ride now I'm ready to roll!
I'm going all month like an overly aggressive Poker player! ARR!
Won't ever fold!

Know I'll be old WAY before I'm ready.
The way the years are flying I feel I'm there already.
I bear the resignation like my boss SUCKS
And every day I'm ready for a confrontation

I'm not willing to conform! I'll get jiggy with a norm!
But my boss is COOL like McDonald, Norm.
I'm slightly out of form and tired I haven't slept,
But I got the job DONE - ain't fired yet!

FIRE breath! Dragon in the place! Revolutionary!
Luffy's dad! Face tattoos! Very scary!
The System IS Of A Down! Taxicity! Aries!
Hairy times! Haircut's mandatary!

Planetary destruction coming out of this bitch!
Mother Nature don't give a fuck what freedom is!
The freedom to exploit's for spoiled rich kids!
Who weren't raised right! What a waste of great life!

Waste of green Earth! Waste of great Skies!
Waste of clean Water! WASTE those a-craters?
I gotta go I'll see you later - change the world!
Don't wait! The sooner maybe the safer.

And don't be foiled. It's about so much beyond just...
Co(2) and oil.



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