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Inktober #24 - Pennies Wisely

AKA Penny Trail...

I am gonna kill 'em all
Can't nobody stop me but a syllable
I'm going all days nothing minimal
Going all month at this interval, till I'm less pitiful

Always in the hallways
Looking at the rows of the paintings they all place
All great masters, staring down upon us
Like we're just sawdust on a floor, you can't even pawn us

Worth praise? Don't even know our birth dates,
We're soap to the sink, we're hope when it's all wrong
Far from dawn, looking to carry on strong,
Look away when you see us, arms drawn,

The war came when I thought the peace ruled,
Our leaders can't seem to see the deceit through,
The lies they crumble, the blind they stumble,
We try to rumble but we stifle under,

The boots of these slave men, we're all the same men,
If we became friends maybe this all would end,
Can't comprehend the nuances of the system
That dupes bliss on the stupid rich

And they say that it's the common dream
To embrace our greed
The dreams freedom,
Us dreamers have vacancies

Fish the fish till we've vacant seas,
Rake the ground, rape the trees, stake your seed,
For the same great escape we need,
As if a few can live upon so many...

We're proof. You don't need to choose.
Use your pennies.



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