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Inktober #24 - The Day In Lights (3:21)

Think the title might've been Bond inspired... but it is still time to move beyond the fire. From the war and turmoil forgone to quieter. The strongest fighter need move on and sight.

Something soft and bright! Something lost in night. What you drop in darkness that you cannot find. Even the strongest mind breaks with longest mind games, and mongering migraines that try to blind.

Existential turmoil? As always herein. Nightmares be scary but the season's perfect. Go on tell your secrets! It need be worth it. The truth will surface. The serum's perfect. And with that...

Thank ya @larrynachos for the bangin' beat in back and pardon this ^ non-descriptive crap. Just hit the play butt and list the rap. And I shall see y'all tomorrow...

Lyrics here.


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