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Inktober #25.5 - Today's The Day

I'm up before before ten and I'm... still writing lines like a mastersmith.
I'm actually having a blast with it.

I need to draw too. Need to catch up with my actual ink.
It's the last week to get that all in.

Can't say this month has been a blast like it normally is...
I've had so much on my mind, been unsure what to focus on.

The car's a daily burden. The word's no more a sermon.
Don't have many hours of paid work, but I keep on learning.

And I keep on grinding. From early time till time ends.
I'm getting better mornings. I feel a backbone forming.

Feel I won't crack no more - not at least so easily.
Realities of life they came and seasoned me.

And I won't rush the final verses of the month.
I will come out with my guns. I will focus and I will crush it.

Did I think inspiration could ever wane for me? Can't nothing.
Stop me. I will drop a knee on any who hush me.

Can't silence the prophet! Who'd like to be off grid!
Who's trying new topics sometimes; trying to mosh pit!

Going through trials like I never bought software in my life!
No fan of subscription services - though Word is alright.

Come on. Still early morning. Let's go let's fly.
Today's the day I... get shit in line!


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