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Inktober #25 - The Jungle Drum (2:44)

Not totally happy here with my vocal flow, but the days they go, some are high some low! No more time today - hope you don't mind the tone. @flashmakeit got me inspired though so I wrote some prose - a metaphoric foray on the morass road...

The unknown is sown. Savage totems now overgrown. The scene serene. A stream of green. A deep abyss - where the demons whisper, and dreams persist...

It still is wild and free, if you don't mind a fright, when you try to sleep tight in the cries of night. It's a bit like this life, we try to hype... but would you rather live? Or hide and wisen. Watch the world - or ride the bison. Go out big, or try to tire, the foes that chase you like a wilder fire. Cut their airflow. Make them ash. The drums they quiten, here at least...

Lyrics here.


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