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Inktober #26.5 - Today's The Work Day

And today's the work day! When I... gotta get up early!
Though I have been getting up early anyway, my mind a swirling!
I'm learning, that to truly GET in life you gotta be deserving!
So I'm grinding from the morning till the night and it's unnerving!

Kinda... when I go to sleep I still have stress left.
And I skip my morning showers, and I don't even eat no breakfast.
But I must say that I feel GOOD even if days pass in such haste.
I don't waste time - not even when I chase rhyme - fingers fly like dove tails.

On the keys. Come on man I feel at ease with this or better yet!
I'm a seasoned vet. I could sneeze a rhyme, used to have allergies for pets.
Now I don't even have THAT. Something is wrong with my Mac though, I can not turn it on...
It's a Performa 720 from the nineties but just a few nights ago was going strong...

Good thing I have another comp. Might be a faulty transistor in this one.
Probably a part I am missing, but one day I WILL get it fixed son.
For now I'm on a mission. To do these dailies and fuel my ambition.
So I can't sit here and fix old Macs, I'm on the new now you know that.

Come on. Work hard for a moment, then flow strong.


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