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Inktober #26 - Positivism

Hey, hey, heeeeey! Heeeeeeeey....

Positivism for a change.
I want to fill a page with just everything that's great.
I'm waiting on a plane. I'm waiting on a train.
I've got a lot of time to play games when I wait, hey!

Positivism for a change.
I want to shed some light on the good all entails.
Like when it's raining hail. You can polish your nails.
You can paint 'em black and dotty and it won't fade. Hah!

Positivism for a change.
A change is a good thing to have when you're broke!
And these days we don't need a gum or a smoke!
So we can keep all that money ain't no joke, yo!

Positivism for a change.
If you're at rock bottom, then you can't get lower!
And if you're still falling, then it will be over!
And if you're just calling, and no one will answer.
You'll save a lot of time and money and maybe cancer.


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