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Inktober #26 - This One For The Grounds

I want to say thanks to everyone who rocks on,
With me through this lockdown!
Know there's no stopping,
Tha Dogg Pound!!!

OR the Cyberdevil! No correlation.
I'm on a new path, moving through new vibrations,
We're all facing strange days now ain't we,
Crazy age hey but I thought I'd find some com ground!

Com for common and for communication.
Creative Commons I'm using on the daily.
Same with email and ICQ, no heck wait,
All that went to the grave back with Netscape!

But Newgrounds ain't failed us! Not yet anyway!
Even with Flash killing itself like radiowaves!
We've got the NG Player, and something better...
What is up?! Ruffle WILL rustle feathers!

We never rust no, no matter the weather!
Ironic programming language choice, but joys are in choice.
So ladies and boys rejoice! Say with your voice "How nice!" Make some noise!
*Surprise!* You're all employed!

We growing so big we bursting out of our void!
There's no hurting this merchant, who can avoid us?
No downside, unlike estrogen with soy stuff.
Phytoestrogen. I know, I guess I'll try again.

All I know is sense and tradition.
No changin' my old ways, but better listen:
Go make the Grounds your discipline or religion,
Just MAKE some stuff and SAY some stuff.

Ninjamuffin99's here too and shiiiiiit
we great as FUCK.


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