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Inktober #27 - Oi Mate

YEAAAH! Huh- YEAH! Cyberdevil! Hah!

Yeaaah! It really is me!
Cyberdevil going on down in history!
Feel foggy today but my sound is unique!
Just gotta have fun and clown around to this beat! Uh!

Hit the town on this street!
It goes the right way so I just frown at my feet!
Walk past peeps like they're just grass or trees!
If you don't want to see 'em that's the way to flee 'em!

My demons! Still up in my head and eating.
My braincells! Maybe I can seek some freedom.
In a jail cell! Time to contemplate and breath in,
And do pull-up's till I look like Hulk I'm bull buff.

The train went, while I was waiting out at the station,
No time in real life for this kind of contemplation,
Face it, the mirror when you wake up and go poop.
Oi mate! Here's another bop for your loop.

Yeah! It really is a beaut!
I should be out in the park! Or the court shooting hoops!
Instead I'm sitting in my cube! Wishing I could do!
Anything I set my mind to! What's new?

Chop Suey! The other day I did play a game of.
Frisbee Golf. And listened to 'killing in the name of'
Still feels raw and as relevant as ever.
Cliche y'all: get out and do better.

Than me. But I'm a needy mediocre emcee.
Beady eyes peeking through the pecan tree fields
Eating kiwi, sipping on tea by my PC
Collecting B/P on NG habibi...


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