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Inktober #27 - Rockstar Inc (2:06)

Mimeo! Yo! That's @Jabun's bigger bro! Jumping in on Inktober too with this rock and roll improv pot of gold! With an acoustic setup just for the occasion - while he's moving through other nations - over in Rome, living a Rockstar life like I guess I kinda do on my vacations - at home, with that laptop, writing my poems... *as fair a comparison as Fred Astaire and Jin or better yet say a flight of stairs and a fiery gym*

Wasn't sure what to expect but this exceeded by far! It's he on guitar, me on the bars, him on the beats too - feel the barrage. Energy peaking decently like we're doing wheelies with cars. I think I'll have no trouble sleeping. I need a breather after this ether - Standing Bros apparently do not disappoint or ever do one of these under par. Never meager!

Appreciate this one Eamon! Killer collab this evening! Lethal like Steven Seagal! Hopefully did it decent! And that I didn't kill that solo - which was great on its own - just had to go all #YORO!

For masterful musical mash-up's and other instrumental savagery y'all ought plan to see:

That's his channel man. It's a treat. Musical madness and craft unleashed.

Lyrics here.


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