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Inktober #27 - Squeaky Sunday

Yeah! Let's go... let it squeak... let us flow...

HOTSTUFFDX! With Cyberdevil wild as ever!
We got the dope beats foes better leave us
Alone! No BS. In the land of the trees and the free,
Where cold winds poke at my feet uh

My bad turned the verse to the chorus.
But I'm glad we got so much going for us!
Musical skills at will you can't floor us,
Bassline gritty and grim, and I record stuff.

Face time, even little is important!
We chase all the wrong things, and they devour us!
On a daily grind but what's really worth it?
What do we want deep down not on the surface?

HOTSTUFFDX! With Cyberdevil wild as ever!
We got the truth! In the booth, let it loose, I'm confused,
With these tune shifts don't know what I want to do,
But I'm a prove I can move with any kind of grove, yeah...

Become a household name. Notorious.
This life's bright right? It's glorious.
In the future they'll be telling our stories.
We're the kings right now. Tyrannosaurus.

And I mean humankind.
We think we matter. Matter over mind.
Don't mind the money just go and get running,
And you might get something, feel great stunning.

It's not about what we have.
It's about who we are. It's about how we act.

I think I said that in an earlier song.
So just keep on right? And you can't go wrong.

I think I said that in an earlier rap.
So just keep on right? And don't ever... look... back.


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