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Inktober #27 - The Machina

AKA Cloud Mechanics, Ex Machina, Audio Machina...

Yeah! Cyberdevil, AudioMachina22, this for you, and for the world, for the back for the burbs, for the herbs, for the wonders of the word yeah, uh...

Ex Machina... nothing is what it seems. I feel caught up in a dream.
Living on these streets. Livid streets. That bruise and batter my feet; weaken me.
What's the point. The cityscape follows. Disjointed, empty, hollow.
This new world's like one big cauldron. Heats us up now and makes us boil.
I wish that I could chain their plans, but I'm just one man, fanning a flame in the way out land.
With the Wayback's made up hand maybe we'd have a make to make a last stand last man.
I really want the glue to fasten! The glue of logic. The glue of sense.
These days there are few who have it, but I feel the magic when I feud with friends.
But with the masses there's no end, and with the media that they're not escaping,
The same massacre it plays again, and turns strays to puppets, I see their making.
The naive, I can't seem to hate them, but they irritate me, the way these sleeves be draped
Yet they don't see the shuffle they just see the play, and think they awaken in their dreamy state

Living on these streets! Livid streets! But there's nothing living 'bout them but the beat!
That plays in my head, or maybe on the speakers? Hypnotically apocalyptic. It's freaky.
Feel it my bone, repeat it with my sneakers, with each step growing weaker, weaker...
Like a ghost, a soul in the machine, but there's a hole in their control, slowly I'll free

Become sentient... become me! Become wiser... come clean!
Let go of the shackles that echo, my next goal
To go home, and sun like a gecko

Stick my tongue out for fun now I'm hung now
Yet I reckon I'll get older, wreck all or stay covert
Recall all the glow that irradiates your soul

If you sit out and behold,
The wonder of the world,
You wonder 'bout your role,
The summer turns to winter,
Abundance turns to cold,
The outdoor turns to indoors,
The freedom loses pull,
And the meaning and the fuel,
And you find yourself moving
Through the neon and the bull,
Like a caterpillar

To a cocoon then a Pieridae
A butterfly! Not to deceive ya
Just to get by in this terraria
Where nice guys never get a refund
Carpe diem
From bulldozer to bullshit
Epiphany to Algolia
Ex Machina


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