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Inktober #28.5 - Earl Thirsty Morning

Lentils - they're so easy to eat and I can vent free
It's so easy to speak
I wake up every day now and I flow with every beat
That I try on - nothing I need to straighten out and iron
Where I'm from it's common nature, to be creator
I thought that all might wane and go away as I grow mature
It seems not! Always been a steady contemplator
I think things through just to escape Earth
Its all I've got!

And LOTS else. I don't mean just to shock self.
I mean I've got health, I've got friends, I've got lots to be thankful for
Appreciation tanks are more full now than ever
And I'm clever ain't I? Artistry. Welcome to the Banksy store
Want to thank some more but that's maybe better to say
In a few days, when this whole month has run away
Yes I do trade, Pokémon cards, and view faith
As kind or silly - but that's MY view - nothing I spew to face
But this world is FUCKED, how TO save
(F) n f lets go..


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