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Inktober #28 - Close The Blind

AKA Truant, Have Faith, For The Blind, On...

Gotta keep on moving
Gotta keep on doing
The same thing I'm always doing
Just getting through eh?
The highlight of my year is music
Use it to fuel me
And to burn out! I move in too deep

Used to be loose leaf I didn't record
Just stacked in recourse
In my room in these drawers
And closets henceforth
But this makes sense more
To show the world what
I have maybe sense for
10-15 10-4

I recited a bit at night before
Stayed up in dim light
A lightbulb by my nightstand
A pen in my hand
Appending my plans
Too grand to try though
Scribbled religiously
This is my bible

And I'm the Cyberdevil
Does that make it blasphemous?
I feel the world has all it needs
And all it lacks in us
Lackluster tactics ON!
And no attacks are strong
The truth is weakened by
All who seek to feed their kind

Distance from the human mind
Where survival has no limit
Where if we have what we need
We are not finished
We keep on like a hoarder, survival is to have
A surplus and a border
To fuel our disorder

If we have too much food on our plate
We eat too much!
We excel in how to live and to waste
And to distrust!
Maybe if we had leaders,
We knew would guide and feed us,
We wouldn't have a reason,
To be just... happy!

With what we have.
We have too much! It makes us bad.
For the planet! For the mind.
For the balance! For humankind
Has no kindness any longer
And no binds.

But I will keep on writing
And grow stronger
Close the blind


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