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Inktober #28 - Pool Party (3:22)

Pool vibes! We're just a buncha (more like two) cool guys by the pool side. Blue light playing on my shrewd eyes, like a screen... like it's all a dream and I'm too tired to see through lies; the illusion; the truth that could've been...

A new life in a bungalow on the coast? Blue skies too and a light blue smoke as we roast gibberfish or hoki. Smokey. People if left to their devices just want to be lazy and live the life like this. I admit. It really would be quite sick...

In lack of real bungalow or pool though: good vibes at hand! With no water pouring or chlorine on land! @Jabun's revving up a live jam - a one man band! Hype! With a bad-ass Korg EM-1 - me a mic at hand! Hope I did it justice and thanks, for grooves that keep you moving truant like ampersands!

Vocal notes a booming like the room's a sauna fuming. Wave forms smolder. Great gray boulders. Great days a looming on the final wake of Inktober. Smoothing over tunes in this room, grooving the night through like a loon with the moon... really though it's not high-energy level amp-a-riot! This one. It's ambient. Like a pool for giants. The ocean. Pool in y'all and cool it tyrants!

And check out @Jabun's audio too it's truly vibrant!

Lyrics here.


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