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Inktober #29.5 - Creative Itty

AKA Creative Yearly Endeavors, Creative Ends & Means...

Running out of time
Reocurring theme ain't it?
Somewhere down the line
My time will be freeplaying
Freestyle is the style for me I'm a wee child
Of the new millennia!
1980s end of line!
Somewhere in my mind
There's always an idea ain't there?
Wayfarer of this welfare
Shotcaller of this daycare
It's kind of absurd how the same words
Can be used so different ways
Few bullets - many ricochets

Can't sit and wait... for the words to come to me.
They hit me easy if I'm moving...
So thus I keep on grooving,
Month in and month out,
Resuming creative movement every -
End of September
Since as far as I remember now

Remember how...

You used to feel weak in morning?
You used to leetspeek in the forum?
Was that only me? What about Snotr videos?
Lunarstorm? Yahoopa? There's a lot you needn't know

But I feel a sleek breeze sneeze in and sweep me
These dailies: keeping me in one piece so easy
Till I find peace or run out of reach/reads/Reese's Pieces
This the stream that never seizes


It's life.


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