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Inktober #29.5 - Too Much Lunch

I'm trying to record a promo today but I have a hunchfull! I am pumped up too but I got this lump
Where my belly is. I'm bloated like a friggin' overstuffed trunk.

So I must clunk out a half and some before it.
So I must do a little rapping as according.
So I must maybe get some action but I am flooring
All the dues this whole October wake with glow like every morning.

The days do be long sometimes though I won't lie...
Maybe doing both doodles and extra verses wasn't wise...
It's what keeps me up at night huh? Keeps on the light.
In my room. I'll keep going though until I get some pie.

That's dinner today. Kale and Feta pie oh my!
Best not eat too much then either though cause that time...
I just might get back and do some of that rhyme if I
Haven't digested this before the time is nigh.

Oh why, did I eat all of that pancake pizza, why...

New recipe btw. My own! It's pretty good.


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