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Inktober #29 - Halloween In Sweden (2:11)

Halloween in Sweden! Emcees maybe need it. We've Easter when we cross-dress as witches - no secret. But this cool bean season with the ghouls and the ghosts? It's nigh treason it's not one of our reasons to pose. To show off. For starters I could go as a GOAT... farm animal. Enter party as hardly bespoke. But it don't matter no - those who know oh they know. I've always been a pirate though, idle by a papaya grove.

I'm here with Epifon now, collabing for strong sound! Halloween's in a day or two but this one I'm on now! Local parties may not occur but we party on Grounds! NG. The home of the free - the frail and the brave. The future. Problems of the stranger, today.

Props @Epifon311 on the bangin' instrumental! Which allows one to go ham and mental.

Coincidental: Actually do have a party tonight to attend to... (not in Halloween sense though)

See y'all tomorrow!

Lyrics here.


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