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Inktober #29 - The Corner

I'm chilling on the corner,
Of my office chair, I'm ill as a performer,
Not getting anywhere in my cubicle, you should know,
Sun is shining outside and it's beautiful...

Meanwhile I sit holed up in in my landscape,
Basement, boxed in, no thrill with computers,
I used to be awesome, I needed no tutors,
Self-taught from the bottom and I started with Judo...

But somehow things gave up on me like that bad knee...
Everything most go, so doe the self esteem,
And as the years roll by it doesn't grow either,
Flow's weaker, low sleeper, game changer, need me to...

Breath. Just take in some fresh air!
October is great yeah, Inktober's the step here,
And I need a companion, so slowly I realize,
To keep me motivated in real life, to keep me going...

I'm not the type who doesn't do things, I keep it moving!
If it's productivity as you see it it's ass I see,
I justify what I do, writing daily haikus, stuck on reviewing,
But you bloom as a human when you get in tune with

Other people. We really are sociable creatures.
Used to be the lone wolf and disbeliever, maybe emo,
I turned into a real Keanu Reeves though,
Or his alter ego, Wick yo, you know the sequel?

What I'm saying is I'm tired of playing games all day...
I want to play them all night too! Just blaze away!
And find a place within my mental landscape,
When I've got energy enough to both center, pan, fade!

I'm in all scenes. Seen from all angles.
I both jump, and I hover and I dangle,
Can I be the same peep in the same place and make it seem,
Like I'm a riding a whole row boat parallel race machine!

Like a movie with captions. Or extra endings.
A live life hard once... then try again thing.
I want more action. I'm multitasking.
I'm writing reading and dreaming and maybe rapping at the same time.

That'd hit the grape vine, right?
But maybe I should just be happy when I take this mic,
Take a pause from reviewing, and from games and from life,
And shed some sensible sentiments and supplementary insights...

Yeah... I could just be THAT GUY.
I could just be me, myself... and I.


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