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Inktober #30.5 - Crap Finally

Third one up!
Goddammit man I deserve one up!
Do damage.
Yeah I deserve one life!
Another one. It's been fun but now I,
I gotta run.

Gotta stir stuff up!
I'm not done!
Not by a long run,
Still got collabs to polish on!
Hopefully won't be up at dawn with a collage yawn,
I'll take it a bit easy but only if this please me,

Third one up!
It's coming soon,
Got a learning rut!
Go for the moon, I gotta go serve some up!
Though I just want to go out and surf a bit,
Dip my ankles
In the Earth a bit.

It's been an awesome month though.
But I'm totally out of.
Inspiration tonight though.
Just don't have time for.
Anything today either.
Office job been hella good but time goes.
So fast I don't know what to do with it.

Screw it. Make some music this.
Is getting to my grit. Uh.


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