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Inktober #30.5 - Sunday Remiss

It's been a turbulent ride...
What kind of word am I in my mind?
Most like my work, for some it's ill-defined
But like a litmus scribe, I do my bid, and get by
Eye the world with a smile, or a snide if too bright
Go on rollercoasters though scared of heights
Is that a fear I like? It's every year in life
I feel the fruits of my labor are ripe,
Especially when you hype, but tonight
There's no such thing as 'much time', so to write one real quick...

I wanna be fearless, like Jet Li in the Edo period
Bear claws don't phase boss, they doth brace and veer off
The underdogs, I hear them bark then clear off
Till I'm one of gods, we don't hear for sheer ego
We of the people we sleep all day
Feeble sheeple that see no grays - no nuances
Unions, you need 'em? Do I wish!
No one's in the favor f no one but the stupid rich
Truman shit till dubious
Who's watching who, who's the villain?
Maybe there is no one but millions
Doing the duties for refuge, just shooting and killing
Destroying our kind... we're coy in our time
We think we play no part in no heart crimes
But we made this now. This here is our time.
You parked the car and now no stars shine.
Humanity, without us... no Darkseid
I'll bark life into any madman or villain though
Come on let's get a little cold
Winter's 'bout to hit the road



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