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Inktober #30 - Don't Give Up Now!

Hell yeah I'm not giving up! I will live it up! I am in the rut! I'm just hitting up! This backcatalog and it's mad prolific, Jamuary jams looking mad artistic, wondering if I can jam on this sh...

Ah! Is that a water glass? Think I'll try a water fast
Didn't want to go the whole month without calling back Quarl
And a few others too, but there's no more
Be happy with the month though, though this here has been a chore
It's been fun too! Time blaze by and I run through!
Vision becomes a tunnel, and I do have a fun in a bundle but
Before you know it is over, and you're not totally
Happy with what you managed on that rotary, phoney...

Gotta call the homies! Get inspiration a flowing!
Instigate some new humans! Drop a cake like a snowman!
Been frontpaged like three times now! Up and up I am blowing!
Feeling like Kid Dynamite the showman! Upper cut is my potion!
Trust my endless wordflow ocean! And open! Awesome! Artful instrumentals that boost and amplify my mental capacity! To create and capture treats! When I really should be fast asleep...

It's been like that all week!

Do your thing Quarl...


Was about to say I have boatloads, of stuff and I'm just coasting,
Flowing wherever the coasts go, toasting for any occasion,
Feeling rich like Francoise Meyers, though I can't even play ukulele
I still feel like a player, and my days keep getting greater

(oh that's the beat...)

So much here to savor, so much more to make
Guess I'll see y'all next year though, I have snores to save
I haven't been bored in nine lifetimes but I think I've doors to break
Fire drills, get some shovels, dig till it's just mud y'all

Thanks for this! Fun beat. Really tranquil ending.
Should have been happy then too, instead I'm appending compendiums.
Totally unnecessary and torturous, but I am like a tortoise,
I go slow but I go longer and I'm older than most portions

Or finally? Is it that time that you've been dying to see?
Time for me to keep on with my dynasty like I'm a tree?
Embed my roots slowly till this whole field is a vibrant green,
And maybe I don't even need to try to breath. Music or no.

Till I'm immortal... both IRL and in Portal!
Keep on coursing through the cosmos doing summer saltomortals.
Thwart all plans for January Jams cause that's post-winter
I think I still will be here indoors but too tired to move a finger...

Just finger all my daggers. Feel a sense of seething.
Kill that Father Winter quick and will in a new season.
I'm really not that lethal it's just words I'm a man of peace.
And I do truly plan to keep going even if it's past my peak.

And maybe do a few more with Quarl cause holy shit does she pack beats.

Happy trails. Happy treats. One to go. Happy streaks. Later...


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