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Inktober #30 - The Revolution's Coming (3:14)

In the distance hear... while the mist now layers... something's hissing yeah? Water vapor drifts and clears... people speaking loudly... people shrieking proudly... all ready to upheave a roar - from the bottom of their soul to their dwarfing core!

You know we're most dangerous when we're small? When we're smoldering like a supernova. Shouldering the bitterness pain and war. The weight of this cold world growing on our shoulders.

Seething with such supreme a rage. For this evil age we beseech new graves. For a long time now the weak have paved, the time to come. But they're but bleak waves neath a rising sun. A raging fury, inside our lungs. A pent up anger, a will for change, as freedom wilts, and we stay the same. Just seeking victims, to take the blame.

*strong fade*

Been a long day but I got this song made. :) Thank ya @JamesHeart for this nouveau strain! Of roads to wander, of odes to ponder, behold the yonder it shows again! An instrumental, as shadows lengthen, to strengthen centers, of apprehension. To sense attention. Nuisance addendum. Amend the pending! Midnight pendulum. The minutes few now - the time too nigh... but the breeze is cool now, go eye the sky. It's still blue. These mountains? Will move.

Lyrics here.


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