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Inktober #31.5 - Inktober 2022

Time's short, what else?
Wish I could time warp, myself!
I'm going through these days so fast
I feel like I can't... be helped!

Like I'm just a force of nature,
Like it's just a chore I make yeah
I wish it was fun and games but
After a time it goes to shape

It becomes something I've made,
Another rut; another day
But I keep on and I play
Whether it's sun; whether it's shade

The weather is still growing colder
And my car is still a boulder
That I can't move it's immobile
But I do have a time booked!

So look... at least I'm hopeful about it all
It's fall now. It's going downhill but I hope and all
I joke and all. And I am passionate, every day I am so involved
So maybe this will go over alright all the way in this show I call

Inktober 2022.

And my dues have been picking up! So much I want to do!
So much old stuff in line still, yet so much of it's brand new!
I do my daily doodles and recordings and these too!
And a hundred words for good measure. Yes there is a little stress sir.

But I am blessed with capabilities! To handle. They ain't killing me.
At times I wake creativity. The slumbering giant inside of me.
And I have this giant will in me. I try to keep alive in me.
This helps! And too agility. To keep me moving through rivalries.

The time's not worth much if you don't push yourself occasionally,
That you play a beat and let it lead you inspirationally,
That you let your brain free and just rampant on these pages,
I want to make material, to share with y'all, for ages!

I've said it before! I want to be wise, want to be one of the sages!
And for every chore! And experience! My enlightenment maybe.
Goes up a little step. With work and play and passion and prep.
That's what I rep. I'm growing fat now... but my vocals at least are at their BEST!

They passed the test yeah. Now time to get ripped in the chest area.

Inktober 2022.

This what I do! For me, for friends... for you!

See you next... October.


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